Emergency Response and Livestock Video released

If you’re involved in emergency response AFAC’s newly released video is for you. This 10 minute video, developed by the Alberta Farm Animal Care Association, is an overview of the highly successful Livestock Emergency Response Course.

Accident involving livestock

“Thousands of transporters hauling livestock are on the roads every day in North America. As with any form of transportation, motor vehicle incidents involving livestock are inevitable and not just limited to rural areas. We have to have the right training and tools to help these animals and keep the people who are working with them safe,” says Corporal Dave Heaslip RCMP, Livestock Investigator.

This AFAC video, available to view on line at www.afac.ab.ca, provides a general overview of what is required to ensure a safe and humane response to incidents involving livestock in transport. It outlines what participants will learn in the training session including livestock behaviour and handling, responding to motor vehicle accidents involving livestock, livestock rescue, barn fires, euthanasia, laws, liability and scene security. It is vital that first responders, police, veterinarians and haulers be prepared for these incidents.

The Livestock Emergency Response Course was developed by livestock handling specialist Jennifer Woods in collaboration with AFAC in 1998. Since then Woods has delivered the program across North America. She estimates over 5,000 emergency response personnel, fire fighters, RCMP and others have attended the training.

We encourage you to view the video or order a copy of the DVD from AFAC by calling 403-932-8050 or email mikki@afac.ab.ca. Training sessions are booked through Jennifer Woods at 403-684-3008, livestockhandling@mac.com.

The humane handling and well being of livestock is a priority. Know how to handle emergencies involving livestock before incidents or disasters happen.

Sponsors for this video included Alberta Beef Producers, Hartford Insurance and the farm animal council groups of Canada.

For more information, contact: Mikki Shatosky at 403-932-8050, email mikki@afac.ab.ca (www.afac.ab.ca)

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