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Christmas on the farm as an adult

By Patricia Grotenhuis, Agricultural advocate and lifelong farmer

Growing up on a farm was the best preparation possible for marrying a farmer.  I knew that it meant Christmas celebrations, just like any celebrations, would start after the animals were taken care of. 

Now that we are adults and are forming our own traditions, we are doing our best to support local farmers and the local economy while getting ready for Christmas.  Our tree comes from a friend’s tree farm, where we can cut our own.  Turkey and cheese come from a nearby store which carries local products.  Other various items are picked up in a close radius as well. 

We know all of the work which goes into growing the tree and into the food on our table.  That knowledge makes us appreciate everything even more during the celebrations.  In addition, our boys love the process of selecting, cutting and then decorating the tree.
Christmas morning and night will always be set aside for doing chores in the barn, the same as they were when we were growing up.  Now that I am in the house with the boys while my husband and father-in-law work in the barn, I find myself missing that family time in the barn we had when I was younger.

The day is reserved for spending time with family, but now we are the ones sitting and visiting while we watch the kids play with their gifts.  My husband finds time to slip out to check on the cattle in the middle of it all, just to be sure they are all content and still have feed and water available. 

Farmers never truly get time off, but even with work to be done on Christmas we have a chance to rest and think about the past year.  Traditions will continue to change and adapt as time goes on, and one day our children may experience what it is like to do barn work on Christmas too.

Everyone at Canada’s farm animal councils wishes readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas.


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