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Different types of dairy barns for different reasons

Cows waiting to be milked in a Pipeline or Tie Stall barn

by Patricia Grotenhuis

What are dairy barns like? There are three different kinds of dairy barns, and farmers chose the one that works best for them.  Some have an existing barn which is set up in a specific way, and they decide to keep that style of barn.  Others make changes as their needs change, or as new barns are built.

The three basic styles of dairy barn are pipeline or tie stall, parlour or free stall, and robotic, which is a different kind of free stall offering cows a choice of when they are milked.


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The real story about farm animal care

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Guest blog by Heini Hehli, dairy producer and chair of Alberta Farm Animal Care

Anger and disappointment is what I felt when I saw the recent CTV W5 video about the abuse of pigs. This was for two reasons: why is animal cruelty still happening? And secondly, the other side of this story was not covered. I suppose a farmer caring for their animals doesn’t sell advertising.


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Raised in the city, chicken farmer is now “living a dream”

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Michelle Voskamp is the face of January in the 2013 Faces of Farming calendar

By Patricia Grotenhuis

It may seem like a big step from a life growing up in Brampton to one living on a farm in Prince Edward County but it’s the path that Michelle Voskamp has taken.

Born and raised a city girl in Brampton with no prior farm background, Michelle Voskamp was always intrigued by rural life. She rode horses from a very young age and spent a lot of time in the country. Today, she’s living a dream on a chicken farm with her family in Prince Edward County, near Trenton.

Voskamp is featured in the 2013 Faces of Farming Calendar published by Farm & Food Care Ontario. Her page is sponsored by Maple Leaf Foods.


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