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Fence Lines to Corporate Board Rooms Conference


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For the 22nd year the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS) will be hosting its annual Fence Lines to Corporate Board Rooms Conference December 5th in Saskatoon.  This year’s theme is “Tactics and Triumphs” and will address issues ranging from understanding and meeting consumer needs, to dealing with pressures from non-agricultural groups, to the future of agriculture messaging in a constantly changing world.

Speakers will include Janet Hufnagel Thompson who built a feedyard in Western Australia and ended up being targeted by environmental extremists despite doing everything right from a regulatory perspective.  Greg Peterson of Peterson Farm Bros. will focus on his experiences telling his story through videos as well as the need for positive agriculture advocacy.  Julie DeYoung, A Public Relations Consultant, will address how the farming community rallied around a family farm being sued by environmental extremists and helped them win their case in court and for agriculture to win in the court of public opinion.  Florian Possberg, of Polar Pork Farms, will address how an industry can balance activist pressure, real consumer wants, and politics with producer realities.  Elizabeth Stewart, Marketing Director of Franchise World Headquarters SUBWAY®, will speak on the importance of animal welfare to SUBWAY® restaurants for the past nine years.  Finally Alice Johnson, VP of Food Safety/Animal Care for Butterball LLC, will speak on undercover investigations: what to consider reaction and proaction.

Agriculture has come under tremendous pressure lately from many non-agricultural groups for animal welfare concerns and “industry led” initiatives seem to be looked upon negatively.  What I personally enjoy about this organization and this event is just that - that it is industry led.  This is industry promoting a culture of positive animal welfare and bringing producers, government, and scientists together to share these principles and new ideas.  This is agriculture.  Thanks FACS for representing us.

To register for the 2013 Fence Lines to Corporate Board Rooms Conference December 5 at the Travelodge Hotel Saskatoon go to facs.sk.ca or call 306-249-3227.  See you there!



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