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Christmas traditions on the farm

family photoAhhh Christmas tradition.  It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?   In our family we go to my aunts Christmas Eve to see my cousins and a portion of the rest of the 50 members of our extended family.  After a brief interlude for Mass, we catch up on the year, share a wine (or two) and enjoy good food.  Then its back home to wait for Santa to arrive!  Christmas Day we get up early and open presents then feast on breakfast and coffee followed by games, sledding and a massive turkey dinner.

And that is exactly the way it goes every year single year.  Even the getting up Early bit (and yes that was an Early with a capital E).  When we were younger, my uncle or cousins or brothers would go feed the cattle.  This usually started around 7 and took the morning.  Another uncle would need to go and check the feed bunks before that to see which cattle needed to have their feed rations adjusted and give the animals a quick look over.  Our hired employees would check pens (which meant they looked over each and every  single animal) to make sure they were healthy and if someone was sick they would be taken to the treatment facilities or “hospital” to be cared for.  Someone else would also need to put fresh straw out and make sure each of the water bowls was free of ice and clean of debris (and sometimes this could take awhile in Saskatchewan with -30 Celsius temperatures).  Of course on other days there would be more chores and tasks but for Christmas this was enough.

In the end this meant that if we wanted to open presents and have breakfast together then we had to wake up early so the animals could get fed on time.  The farm has recently sold so it is no longer necessary to get up Early (with a capital E) but we still continue to do so.  After all tradition is important.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a wonderful safe healthy holidays to all!


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