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New Year’s Roundup: The Top 5 in 2014

On the last day of 2014, we thought it would be fun to look back at the most popular posts on Let’s Talk Farm Animals this year. Here’s how they stacked up in popularity with you, our readers.

#5: Let’s get talking! 

Alright.  I believe it is time to dust off the old soap box and step back on…

Many organizations reporters and marketing programs recently have expressed opinions about what is the “ideal” regarding animal production in Canada.  “Better Beef” from A&W, the W5 report regarding egg layer operations, PETA, HSUS throw around ideas and words intended to pluck at the strings of the consumer’s heart to show that they are better, that they care, that they are not the enemy while big business – agriculture – is trying to simply make an extra buck.  Phrases such as environmentally friendly, sustainable, humane, antibiotic free are tossed around like so much feed in a pig barn. Although I group these organizations together, their underlining intent is often not the same. READ MORE

#4: Conventional versus organic milk production - do you know the difference?

This weekend an interesting conversation came up about organic milk production.  And it’s shameful to admit but I realized just how little I know about it!  So this started me on a quest to learn more about the differences between organic and conventional milk and thought I would share some of my findings with you. READ MORE

#3: Animals are animals, not people

A few weeks ago we were sitting around watching a Disney cartoon with our two young children before bedtime activities started. One of the more senior members of our family who happened to be in the room with us (a recent retiree from farming) made a comment that went something like “Disney has ruined society’s perception of animal agriculture”. At first, I brushed it off with a laugh but have been thinking that perhaps that statement holds more truth than I first thought. READ MORE

#2: Inside Farming: Hormones are everywhere, including in you

There is much buzz in today’s media about wanting hormone-free meat. Can I let you in on a secret? There is no such thing. You see, just like humans, all animals have naturally occurring hormones in their bodies. What the consumer is actually trying to get when they ask for “hormone-free beef” is animals that are raised with no hormones outside of their own. Companies such as A&W are trying to scare consumers into thinking that their products are better because they are using beef that is raised without growth hormone implants. READ MORE

#1: Kids in the barn

Over the past few months, as people hear I’m now working in the barn alongside my husband, there’s one question that we commonly get asked. “What do you do with the kids while you’re in the barn?” READ MORE

Seth loves helping in the barn.


Happy New Year!




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