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Layering up - on the farm

Since every trip outside this time of year involves adding layers upon layers of clothing to stay warm, we asked the Dinner Starts Here gang (dinnerstartshere.ca) what their favourite piece of clothing is to tackle winter farm duties.

Stephanie says her insulated rubber boots are must in winter to keep feet warm on the farm

Stephanie says her insulated rubber boots are a must in winter to keep her feet warm while working on the farm.

“I could not live without my insulated rubber boots,” says Stephanie Campbell. In the winter they keep her feet warm and dry no matter what she’s doing around her family’s chicken farm – from fixing the manure spreader to cutting wood in the bush. “I’ve learned over the years that having warm feet makes a huge difference in keeping the rest of me warm.”

For sheep farmer Sarah Brien it’s definitely her Carhartt overalls and jacket. “They keep me warm and fairly clean when I have to do things in the barn,” she says, adding this is “super useful when I know I won’t have time to shower before I go somewhere else.”

Dairy farmer Justin Williams also loves his Carhartt pants. “They are very comfortable and stronger then denim to protect my legs,” he says. “They also have many pockets to store nuts and bolts.”

Storage is important to Andrew Campbell too, which is why you’ll see him most often in his duct pants around his dairy farm. “With lots of pockets to hold a jackknife, cell phone, keys and even pliers or a hammer if I need it, they are a must have.”

Whatever the job is this winter you can bet beef farmer Scott Snyder will have incorporated his insulated coveralls into his outfit choice. Scott’s also adapted his summer time favourite: steel-toe boots into his winter wardrobe as well. “I was coaching hockey without them and a 200 pound defencemen stepped on my toes with a skate,” he says. “It cut my shoe…and it wasn’t pretty.” Now Scott wears his steel-toe farm boots behind the bench in the arena three to four times a week.

Beyond that, Andrew says layering is very important. “With everything from a t-shirt, hoodie, vest and heavy coat, I’m ready to move back and forth from the cold winter air to the warmth of the barn.”


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