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Fall on the farm

By Patricia Grotenhuis

Fall is a great time to be on the farm.  The smells, the colours and the activity of harvest and preparing the seed bed for the winter make every day different.

After months of work, it is finally time to harvest the crops, and the animals born during the winter and spring months are either ready to be sold, or are strong and hardy for winter.  Everyone waits expectantly for that first frost, signalling the end of the growing season and the start of harvest. 

It also serves as a friendly reminder from Mother Nature to begin readying barns for winter.  While winter is a time of expectation, spring is a time of promise, and summer is a time of anticipation, fall is when everything comes together on the farm, culminating into the time of gratification.  Finally, there is a chance for realization of all of those goals formed during winter and spring months. 


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