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DIY food: your own goat = homegrown dairy

Here’s an interesting story on the trend towards growing your own food. I think it’s good they got the message out that it’s 24-7 work and the responsibilities associated with raising farm animals. Not as easy as goldfish! - OFAC

Wency Leung
Globe and Mail Update
Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2010 7:18PM EDT

There are dog people and cat people. And then, there are dairy-loving goat people.


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Urban egg farmer: top ten list of chores

With a growing interest in buying local, there has also been an increased interest by urban residents in growing their own foods and, in some cases, raising their own chickens for eggs. Here’s a fact sheet prepared by Egg Farmers of Ontario that gives you some tips to think about before you get a backyard flock of your own. - OFAC

Urban Egg Farmer: Top Ten List of Chores

There has been a growing interest in raising egg-laying hens in urban environments.

Properly taking care of chickens requires some physical adaptations to a typical backyard, a daily time
commitment to caring for your flock, a lot of preparation, and a great deal of expertise.

If you are considering having a backyard flock of your own, here is an example of a chore list you should expect.


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