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A reply to “The ethics of food”

The following letter to the editor was submitted as a response to an article published in the Ottawa Citizen, which you can find below the letter itself.

Dear editor,

Thanks to Kate Heartfield for her recent piece, The ethics of food. In an age where food philosophies have become all the rage, it’s healthy to ask question and respect other people’s food choices.  Ontario farmers are willing and able to produce such a variety of foods, grown a variety of ways. As a farmer, I follow food safety, environmental and animal care standards to produce the best beef in a sustainable manner in the Ottawa Valley.  Of course there are many additional standards - including organic, free range, halal and even biodynamic - that some farmers will choose to participate in and need to be paid accordingly. Regardless of what a person’s food politics are, I’m glad when they take the time to consider how food our food is produced.  I also value how fortunate we are to live in a society that has so many food choices available.

Gerald Rollins Beef farmer, Cobden, Ontario


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Animal Ag Alliance to Yellow Tail: Please Reconsider

Animal Ag Alliance To Yellow Tail: Please Reconsider
02/12/2020 11:05AM

In an effort to assist Yellow Tail Wines in determining its best opportunity to help animals, the Animal Agriculture Alliance has written a letter this week to the company’s owner, Cassella Wines. Yellow Tail Wines announced last week their intent to donate $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States.

Yellow Tail’s announcement has generated considerable controversy among livestock producers and a backlash against the wine company. “The uproar over the last week has shown that you will undoubtedly lose a significant segment of your American customer base if you continue with your pledge of support for HSUS,” the letter says.


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The Best Care for Pigs Should be Up to the Farmer

October 17, 2008, Letter to the Editor, New York Times

To the Editor:

“Standing, Stretching, Turning Around” (editorial, Oct. 9) does little
to advance the debate on farm animal housing. It accepts completely the hype concerning a California ballot initiative that among other things bans gestation stalls for pregnant sows.


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Free or caged, an egg is an egg

Montreal Gazette, 2008.08.04, Letter to the Editor

“Free-range eggs rule the roost ” (Gazette, July 30).
This is an interesting and generally informative article, but it contains some factual errors. The most glaring being that its claim that some hens in cages are given hormones.


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What do farmers know about farming?

Lloydminster Meridian Booster, 11 Jan 2008, Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Why is it that urban dwelling experts and animal rights advocates feel they have to educate farmers in the economics and practices of farming?


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Most farmers would never think of abusing animals

Waterloo Record, MARLENE OTTENS, (Jul 19, 2021)

The July 14 letter of the day, Livestock Suffer Under Horrific Conditions, would be amusing if it wasn’t such a blatant collection of half-truths.

Writer Carol A. Lodin makes a series of statements based on assumptions and propaganda that need to be addressed.


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Animals for meat beneficial to earth

BY CRYSTAL MACKAY, ONTARIO FARM ANIMAL COUNCIL, London Free Press, 2006.04.22; Letter to the Editor

Regarding the letter, Meat products harmful to the environment (April 20):

I’d like to do something crazy and write in favour of something, which seems to be out of vogue these days. Eating meat is actually good for the environment and makes ecological sense.


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Ask questions about your food

Crystal Mackay, Ontario Farm Animal Council, Guelph; The Hamilton Spectator, 2007.01.17; Letter to the Editor

Re: ‘Paralyzed by choice at the egg cooler’ (Opinion, Jan. 12)

We’re fortunate to live in a country with so many food choices, in a world where many have little food at all. But many of the statements in the article on eggs need some perspective from farmers.


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Hog producers defend their care of animals

Vancouver Sun, 2005.08.19, Letter to the Editor

Re: Spin, not reform: The Canadian livestock industry goes for public
relations, Issues & Ideas, Aug. 18

On behalf of Canadian hog producers, I take great exception to Stephanie Brown and John Youngman’s comments regarding our industry’s efforts in animal care.


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Pork Producer Defends Industry

BY MARY-ANN HENDRIKX, STRATHROY; The London Free Press, 10 Jun 2021

Dear Editor,
As a pork producer, I am ticked at the amount of misinformation and negativity that surrounds any news of my industry. Pigs had absolutely nothing to do with the Walkerton tragedy, yet people continue to link the two, and papers continue to print these quotes as if they have truth to them.


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