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Farming is a sweet thing for this eighth generation country boy

By Andrew Campbell

Bloomfield - When you think of a typical high school student, you might think about someone who spends time sleeping in, cramming for exams or practicing to make a school team.  But what about starting a new business? It may not be common, but Justin Williams of Wilhome Farm in Prince Edward County is anything but ordinary.

At the young age of 11, Justin took his interest in a friend’s family maple syrup business home to his parents’ farm. He was sure he could also produce high quality maple syrup. Together with 25 maple trees and the help of a neighbour who let the young entrepreneur borrow a sap boiler, ‘Justin’s Maple Syrup’ was born.

More than a decade later, Justin, now 24, taps 500 trees each year, uses a vacuum system to bring the sap through the forest to his sugar shack and has upgraded his boiler several times. Today, he’s producing 500 litres of maple syrup annually and typically sells out of his supply. When he’s at peak production, he’s often assisted in the sugar shack by his “Nana” and other members of his family.

Justin Williams in his family’s barn with a young heifer calf.


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