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Meat, dairy not tied to global warming

There’s been so many misconceptions in recent years, perpetuated by animal and environmental activist groups, about the effects of livestock on global warming. Those of us who work in agriculture think of farmers as being the original environmental activists. They live on the farms that they manage - often for generations at a time - so it behoves them to leave the land in as good or better shape when they retire from farming as when they received it years earlier. We commend the Washington Times for covering this issue with this recent piece which takes the issue of global warming - and livestock’s effect on that topic - head on. - OFAC

Washington Times
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Meat, dairy diet not tied to global warming

Jennifer Harper

Forget all that indecorous talk of animal flatulence, cow burps, vegetarianism and global warming. Welcome to Cowgate.


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