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Meet the face of November in the Faces of Farming calendar

by Patricia Grotenhuis

Social media is becoming a useful tool for many people, and as a farmer, Andrew Campbell is no different.

Today, Andrew works alongside his parents on their Appin-area dairy farm, and he started using social media to share the farm’s story with non-farming Ontarians.  In addition, he is helping teach farmers and others working in agricultural about the value of social media on the farm.

Andrew Campbell is the face of November in the 2012 Faces of Farming calendar

“I really enjoy doing this.  I’m not trying to convince people to do it (social media), but more trying to show them why people are doing it,” says Campbell.

Because of Campbell’s involvement in social media and efforts to educate others about farming, he is featured as the face of November in the 2012 Faces of Farming Calendar, published by the Farm Care Foundation.  His page is sponsored by the Farmers Feed Cities campaign.


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