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Long weekends make good hay

Guest blog by Jeanine Moyer 

Baling hay, combining grain and harvesting corn – that’s what our family does to celebrate long weekends in the summer. And we enjoy every minute of it.

It always seems that the weather cooperates on long summer weekends – good for vacationers and farmers. And the long weekends provided an extra day, allowing us to get some of the most important seasonal jobs done on the farm and extra help around the farm.

A close up of hay

On our beef farm, we cut, or harvest, hay twice a year while some neighbouring dairy farms often cut three times a season. Hay is a mixture of grasses and alfalfa – providing essential nutrients and roughages (grasses) that are important to the digestive system of cattle. Hay grows like grass; it will grow back after you cut it making it easy for farmers to get multiple cuts of hay in a season.


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