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Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan pleased with the success of another ‘We Care’ Billboard Campaign!

By Jean Clavelle

TBillboard campaign June 16his year marks another triumph for the “We Care” billboard campaign initiated by the Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS).  The program, which began in 1996, feature beef, bison, horse, chicken, egg and swine producers with their animals and are posted around busy thoroughfares of Saskatoon, Regina and Moose Jaw.

The campaign is the largest of its kind in Canada.  What makes this project so unique is that livestock and poultry commodity groups in the province are working together to promote one clear message – that producers care about their animals.  It is the group’s desire for billboards to communicate the dedicated care livestock and poultry producers have for their animals and their profession by featuring local young producers who are active and respected members of their industries.  FACS Executive Director Adele Buettner explains that “With less than three percent of Canadians now connected to modern agriculture, it’s important for FACS to help consumers relate to those involved with Saskatchewan’s agricultural community.”

FACS has partnered with industry organizations to ensure the “We Care” campaign continues to be possible: Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan; Sask Pork; Saskatchewan Bison Association; Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association; Saskatchewan Egg Producers; Saskatchewan Horse Federation; SaskMilk; and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.  FACS says they hope to expand the billboard campaign in the future but details will not be released until next year.

If you wish to view this year’s edition go to http://www.facs.sk.ca/programs/on-our-farms-we-care/ or watch for billboards around the province this fall.  For more details about using these billboards to spread a positive message about our thriving agriculture business in Canada contact FACS at 306-249-3227




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