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Trimming to Perfection

By Kristen Kelderman, Farm Animal Care Coordinator

As the spring breeze starts to warm and winter wheat fields showcase a lavish bright green hue across the countryside, I begin to notice myself missing the farm more and more. Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year to work and visit my home farm; it’s a whole different world… with an endless to do list. While it is not every day that I get to enjoy this anymore, I had the pleasure of accompanying hoof trimmer Vic Daniel to a family dairy farm in Ontario, recently. 

Hoof trimmer Vic gives a dairy cow's feet some close attention and care

Vic invited me to tag along to a farm with him, after we met at Eastern Ontario Dairy Days, where he presented a wealth of knowledge on dairy cow lameness.  On average, a dairy farmer will ensure their cows” hooves are trimmed twice a year. Proper foot care is an important component of a farmer’s herd health program.


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New Temple Grandin movie on HBO

Check out Claire Danes as Dr. Temple Grandin on the new HBO movie - Grandin. Dr. Temple Grandin has come to Ontario many times to “standing room only” events to talk with farmers and meat processing plant staff to improve farm animal welfare. This woman is truly remarkable and has helped more animals than any activist group could ever imagine, with very little fanfare. Sounds like Dane and this movie will help take the awareness of her incredible work beyond the farm and autism communities.



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