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The trouble with boars

Steve Buist, Hamilton Spectator, 2021.05.28

Six months, 250 pounds. That’s Piggy’s destiny in life.01 At first, he’ll double his weight in a few days, then it will double in a week, then every couple of weeks, then every month. It’s incredible, isn’t it, to think that a barnyard animal is capable of growing so large, so quickly.


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Bringing piggies to market is a science

By JOE SCHWARCZ, Montreal Gazette, 2021.04.26

I must admit I had never heard of a “boar limo.” Neither was I familiar with “Prosperm,” “pit additives” or the risks of “plug pulling.” But when you sit at a table with a bunch of pork producers, you learn quickly.
And when you find out that the lady sitting next to you can castrate a boar in 1.5 seconds, you pay attention to the conversation. You learn how hard these farmers work, how daily life centres on feed costs, pork futures, worries about bacteria, concerns about smells and insecurity about income.


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Safety first!

Safety comes first at a spanking new Kemptville cattle barn specializing in the delicate task of ‘romancing’ ornery bulls

BY TOM VAN DUSEN, Ottawa Sun, 2021.09.09

That’s got to be one of the main considerations when you’re building a new barn and pens to house cantankerous bulls at a semen extraction operation.

And safety was indeed worked into Eastern Breeders Inc.’s $800,000 “first of its kind” replacement sire barn officially opened last week.


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