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Meet this octogenerian with a passion for beef cattle

 by Patricia Grotenhuis

Passionate about her cattle, full of energy and enthusiastic about the agricultural industry, Sandy Grant is a farmer with a full schedule.  She is also 85 years young and does the work herself.

Beef farmer Sandy Grant is the face of August in the Faces of Farming calendar

This energetic mother of nine and grandmother of 14 moved from the city to her Georgetown-area farm in 1971 with her family, and has had animals ever since.  She admits the neighbours did not know what to think of her and her husband at first, but as time went on, relationships were formed and friends made.

“I always thought it would be nice to live on a farm.  After years of having horses and ponies, I wanted to try something different so I bought my first four heifers in the early 1980s,” says Grant.


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