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In Defense of Milk

Guest blog:  Sarah Hubbart is the communications director for the Animal Agriculture Alliance.


Popular food writer Mark Bittman penned a 900-word diatribe against milk – of all things! – over the weekend for the New York Times.


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The Myth of Meatless Mondays - Alleviating the consumer’s conscience without affecting climate change

The following is reprinted with permission from the Animal Agriculture Alliance in the United States (www.animalalliance.org). For its full collection of Meatless Monday resources, visit  http://animalagalliance.org/current/home.cfm?Section=Meatless_Monday&Category=Current_Issues.

The Myth of Meatless Mondays – Alleviating the Consumer’s Conscience Without Affecting Climate Change
Judith L. Capper, PhD, Washington State University

In July, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a report claiming that everybody should eat less meatand dairy products in order to mitigate climate change. It was an interesting report, not least because it recommended that if consumers were going to eat meat, they should choose “meat, eggs and dairy products that are certified organic, humane and/or grass-fed as they are generally the least environmentally damaging”. Working within the sustainability arena, I firmly believe that any production system has a role within agriculture provided that it is environmentally conscientious, economically viable and socially acceptable. However, the EWG’s promotion of organic or grass-fed systems as having a low environmental impact is ironic given that such systems actually have a greater carbon footprint per unit of meat or milk produced compared to their conventional counterparts.


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Animal Ag Alliance to Yellow Tail: Please Reconsider

Animal Ag Alliance To Yellow Tail: Please Reconsider
02/12/2020 11:05AM

In an effort to assist Yellow Tail Wines in determining its best opportunity to help animals, the Animal Agriculture Alliance has written a letter this week to the company’s owner, Cassella Wines. Yellow Tail Wines announced last week their intent to donate $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States.

Yellow Tail’s announcement has generated considerable controversy among livestock producers and a backlash against the wine company. “The uproar over the last week has shown that you will undoubtedly lose a significant segment of your American customer base if you continue with your pledge of support for HSUS,” the letter says.


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Animals for meat beneficial to earth

BY CRYSTAL MACKAY, ONTARIO FARM ANIMAL COUNCIL, London Free Press, 2006.04.22; Letter to the Editor

Regarding the letter, Meat products harmful to the environment (April 20):

I’d like to do something crazy and write in favour of something, which seems to be out of vogue these days. Eating meat is actually good for the environment and makes ecological sense.


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Revealing the truth about lean meat

Myth about calves raised in darkness hampers veal image

By Greg Burliuk, Kingston Whig-Standard, 2021.06.01

Mention the word veal and some people cringe.

“How can you eat baby cows?” was the cry I heard years ago. A British friend once told me that was why veal consumption was so low in her animal -loving country.


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On the Edge of Common Sense: Animal caregivers vs. animal activists

By Baxter Black, Amarillo Globe News, October 16, 2020

To: Directors of HSUS, PETA, and the Farm Sanctuary

The first step in engaging an issue is to have the ability to
understand your ‘opponents’ point of view. I have watched your criticisms as we in animal agriculture have become more productive.

Your criticisms range from a distaste of raising chickens in cages to
promoting a vegan lifestyle and degrees in between.
I have visited with each of you on the telephone and I can’t paint you
all with the same brush, but I can include you in the same picture.


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Meat industry not immoral

VALERIE TAPLEY, Red and Black, GA, 7/3/08

In response to Tulsi Patel’s column “Vegetarian pleas for animals,” (June 19), first, Ms. Patel, I do applaud you for having an opinion on this issue, as so many people are apathetic about many parts of our culture today.

However, I hope you see that people like myself, who are hoping to enter the meat industry as an employee in the near future, are not writing articles in an attempt to convert vegetarians to meat-eaters.

I’m glad you have a lifestyle you’re proud of, but that doesn’t mean I want to necessarily be converted to your ways of thinking. I do grant that you are able to get an adequate intake from a vegetarian diet, so long as you watch carefully your intake of certain vitamins and proteins.


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Facts of life on the farm - with so many loopy ideas out there, food producers feel compelled to tell their story

Ron Eade, The Ottawa Citizen, 2021.09.06

A distressed mother sent me a plea for help the other day after discovering her 22-year-old daughter on the Internet, reading radical websites posted by animal rights activists.

As you may expect, the vitriolic hyberbole convinced her daughter to immediately stop eating meat. She, in turn, tried to convert her mother.

This misplaced sense of moral rectitude is largely due to a tsunami of misinformation that has overwhelmed our pop culture in matters concerning food. (No surprise, really, considering that a scant two per cent of Canadians today are farmers compared to more than half the population a century ago.)


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Where’s the beef?

The Washington Times, October 17, 2020

Wendy’s coined the phrase “Where’s the beef?” in the 1980s. Today, it seems that meat is out, and more expensive soy products and supplements are in. Helped by activist groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who cry “Meat is murder,” they make Americans feel embarrassed to bite into a steak or take a swig of milk.


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First U.S. count finds 1 in 200 kids are vegetarian

By Mike Stobbe, Associated Press, Jan 07, 2021

Sam Silverman is co-captain of his high school football team — a safety accustomed to bruising collisions. But that’s nothing compared with the abuse he gets for being a vegetarian.

”I get a lot of flak for it in the locker room,” said the 16-year-old junior at Westborough High School in Massachusetts.

”All the time, my friends try to get me to eat meat and tell me how good it tastes and how much bigger I would be,” said Silverman, who is 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds. ”But for me, there’s no real temptation.”


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